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Giant Root Beer Pong


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A giant version of the table top Beer Pong game.
Giant Root Beer / Beer Pong
12 Can Set 
This is a very popular group game with all ages

Want to play a life sized version of Pong at your next event?  Well now you can with
our 32 Gallon red plastic "cups" and an oversized "pong ball". 
  • Fun for kids of all ages -With our new Giant Pong game, you take the excitement of the game of pong to the next level. 
  • You play this game the same way as pong.  The object is to throw or bounce the ball into the other teams buckest and slimiate all of the other teams' buckets before they eliminate all of yours.
  • This is great choice for schools, churches, summer camps, corporate events and family parties. You can entertain your guests for hours with this version of pong.

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